Perkins Braillers


What is a Perkins?

It is the most commonly used machine used for the production of Braille.

Most of the people that read and write Braille will have either used or read Braille that was produced on a Perkins.

These are robust well-made machines that go on for years. They however need servicing and repairs.


Alan has now been repairing Perkins for over 7 years, and has found many items inside machines that stop them from working.

These include; pens and glue sticks, money, Lego bricks as well as lots of other strange things.


Braillers that are not working correctly will cause other more complex and expensive repairs, if not attended to at the earliest opportunity.


perkins for servicing.JPG


The work that he will be happy to undertake is basic servicing and minor adjustments, in his own workshop. Any advanced repairs if found while undertaking this work he will contact you with his diagnosis.


It would help with your servicing and repair if you could include a short note stating what difficulties you are having with your machine and your contact details.


At the end of this page is a link that will take you to a page that offers advice when packing your machine for posting.


We will try our upmost to despatch your Perkins within 5 working days after receiving it.

If we are not able to meet this time-table we are able to offer a loan machine.


For any queries regarding the servicing of your Perkins please contact Alan; 



Telephone; 07961 406739 or 0114 220 7007


As well as the repair service he also buys and sells second user machines.

These are serviced before posted to the customer, to ensure a working machine is sent out.

If you have a machine that you are no longer needing just call him.



Customer comments

Hi Alan,

Thanks for the Braillers, they have been tested at our end and we are impressed with the condition and work carried out, thanks.

From Telford


Thank you Alan, for servicing my Perkins, and for the quick service, it was back here one week from me sending it.

From Edinburgh


Thank you for coming here to fix our 10 Braille machines, as for the last one we are taking your advice and not having it repaired because of all the problems with it.

Do you want it for spares; we will send it to you. 

From Wakefield


Hi Alan

Thank you for your kind offer to explain to me over the phone (idiot's guide!!!). I love it.

I was really impressed at its condition.

Many thanks



Over the past few years I have gathered a number of Braille writing machines that are no longer made or even seen outside of a dark and dusty room.

These are being cleaned and attempts to get them working are being made.


They are then included on the pages of my collections website.


If you have any old machines that no longer are working or a home, please let Alan know as there may just be a part needed to make a good working one.

Any style of Braille machine or hand frame is welcome.