MOON Transcription


Moon is a tactile form of writing which follows print to a small degree, so many older people may find moon easier to learn and use with the aim of being independent.


The reader may not have enough sensitivity in the finger tips to read braille so they may find moon easier to use, as it can be produced in a larger font.

So the cost of production is very difficult to give an indication of pricing.


I have only worked with people using moon, who require labels so they can distinguish between tins and packets in the food store. They have also used it to keep telephone numbers and label CD’s.


I have never been asked to produce copies of letters or documents for a moon reader, but I have produced items like the example below.


As in print the larger the font size required the less will fit on a page.

The font size I have produced in the past has been 36 point, so when taking into account the space required to cut out a label only a few can be produced from an A4 sheet.


As you can see from the example below this form of raised text is not very popular because of the cost for producing.


Moon is produced on a special paper, which is quite expensive.

Once the text has been created it is printed onto a sheet of swell paper, left to dry for a day, then passed through a machine that feeds the page through at a set speed while passing under a heat lamp, making the paper expand.


This paper is also used to produce other raised images for diagrams and maps.

Producing these maps and diagrams can take quite some time which results in quite an expensive product.

We are happy to work with yourself in producing accessible documents on a job by job basis.

The cost for an A4 page is £3 plus a charge to produce the designs required.


We work in partnership with another small business that records documents to be used by print disabled people, they are able to record letters and documents into an audio mp3 file, which can be sent to the customer via a download, transferred to CD or a memory stick.



Please contact us for more details.


0114 220 7007 or 07961 406739


Picture of an A4 sized example of MOON:


Moon sample