Learning Braille


Braille Tuition and Mentoring

We are able to introduce you to Braille in a number of ways and a range of learning programs.

The ways in which we can help you are:
A one on one, face to face reading and writing programme.
A correspondence course using both print and Braille
A mentoring service for people who can follow a set course but would like the opportunity to have work checked and ask for clarification.
Or even a way of working by email.


There are a number of ways that you can learn:
By following a print book designed for sighted learners that can also be used by a visually impaired person, so long as they can read a font size of 16.
A Braille course that is designed for a person with little or no sight to follow themselves with just a few face to face sessions.
Or a course that can be written for you as an individual with tailor made work sheets that will allow you to concentrate on any areas that you may have difficulty with.

Whichever style of learning suits your needs you will have practice in both reading and writing Braille.


An image of a Braille cell

Braille Cell


Braille is for you if you want to be able to label your CD collection, food in the kitchen or keep phone numbers to those of you that would like to be able to write letters or even short stories. It is also for you if you want to keep in touch with a friend or family member.


Photo of a Perkins Brailler:

Perkins Brailler

We will have a face to face or over the phone session at the start to get to know each other and introduce you to Braille as well as trying out your sense of touch.


If you are a sighted person wanting to learn how to read and write Braille you do not have to do this by touch, you can learn to read by sight.



This is an image of the Eiffel tower made from white Braille dots on a black background

Eiffel tower




For any further information please contact us:



Telephone; 07961 406739 or 0114 220 7007.



Our Qualifications:

PTLLS Level 4 (Preparing To Teach In The Lifelong Learning Sector)

OCN Braille Teacher (Open College Network)

Accredited Trainer for DOLPHIN GUIDE

Learning Braille

Accredited Trainer for DOLPHIN GUIDE